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We are the Hungry Nomads, a group of extremely diverse personalities yet with very similar mindsets. We are a group of lifelong friends, travellers, foodies,photography geeks and auto enthusiasts. Love for food and travel has taken us all on unique journeys and we wanted to share our stories so that you can pick out the best of the best experiences and customize your journey. We hope you enjoy reading our stories as much as we loved experiencing the same.

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Abhik Dasgupta
I believe that the roadmap to understand a new culture is to unravel it's hidden food network. My love for food has taken me to places, as modest as a street hawker to an upscale fine dine. Join me, as I explore varied cuisines from all over the world as I travel!
Prakash Parida
A slave of my education in a corporate job in India. I discovered my passion for Traveling & Photography somewhere in the humdrum of corporate life and uncovered a new way to tame my restless soul. Armed with an old Canon 60D and a certificate from the National School of Photography, I have inched forward to make my life worth watching in flashback… Traveling allows me to create it and Photography captures it…
Romila Patnaik
A software engineer by profession, I am at my best when I am churning out meals for my family & friends! Good food (esp. desserts) makes me happy, so I love to experiment with my food – One cannot think well, sleep well, and love well, if one has not dined well!
Soumyaa Patra
HR by profession and Foodie by nature. Food touches every fiber in my heart and traveling bears a deep impact on my soul. Love for food is ingrained in me since childhood. The credit for all my short cut flavorsome meal ideas goes to my dad. An avid observer of human behavior with an enhanced perception for all the simple yet good things in life; A die hard critic with a fair and honest outlook is how I would describe myself and I have only barely scratched the surface. The journey of self discovery continues…

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  1. Mary Varghese

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    Bagrry’s India Ltd., the country’s No.2 player in breakfast cereal category, ventured into food retailing with quick service restaurants that offer healthier alternatives to fast foods in April 2016. The first outlet opened at Vasant Square mall in Vasant Kunj.

    Indian consumers are getting more and more health conscious and increasingly looking for healthier options. However, healthy and tasty options are not so widely available in India right now. Bagrry’s Health Café, therefore, seeks to fill this vacuum with its healthy, tasty and on-the-go offerings.

    The entire focus, therefore, at Bagrry’s Health Café is on healthy foods and the food served here has ingredients like Oats, Muesli, Bran, Quinoa and Chia to make it a more healthier option. The sandwiches, pastas, bagels and wraps offered in the Café are made with multigrain options, with whole wheat and added bran or oats to enhance fibre and nutrition value.

    Key offerings include Muesli pots, which offer individualized and personalized toppings which add to the health quotient; sandwiches and bagels which are made with multigrain options, whole wheat and added bran or oats; brownies and muffins, which are enhanced with whey protein, whole wheat and oats; cold pressed juices, green tea and slim coffee.

    We invite you to visit the cafe and review the same.

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    Team Bagrry’s

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