BrewIt on with Bonhomia

BrewIt on with Bonhomia

Bonhomia, India’s first coffee and tea capsule brand, changed the way of brewing coffee. Making it as simple as clicking a button, Bonhomia introduced its own range of brewing machines – BOHO – to revolutionize the coffee and tea trends in India. The latest in coffee brewers is BrewIt – a masterpiece born of the marriage of art and technology.

BrewIt by Bonhomia - INR 14,995 (2)

The sleek model, designed to occupy minimal space, has the best of style and technology. BrewIt adss a class to complement the premium machinery Bonhomia has become synonymous with. The charcoal-black matte finish is elegance personified, the LED backlit buttons just add to the charm of the assembly.

BrewIt by Bonhomia - INR 14,995 (1)

Providing a premium experience every time, whether at home or at work is something BrewIt totally complies with. BrewIt offers a system to master the preparation process by making the best use of high pressure extraction and encompassing the perfect amount of world’s best coffee beans in a capsule.

With variants ranging from the subtle Organic Bliss, Free Love & Decaf to the intense Dark Deeds, Black Veil; and then flavored variants like Vanilla, Chocolate and Hazelnut – using beans sourced from select coffee estates in India – there is something for all palates. All these are available at Future Retail Food Hall outlets, Nature’s Basket and other stores and also online at Amazon and Bonhomia World Shop.

If you want to get your hands on one, do soon, because this has been brought to India in a limited-edition release! This beauty is available excusively online through Amazon and the Bonhomia World Shop.

Images courtesy Bonhomia

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