The Earth Menu at Olive Delhi by Chef Sujan S

The Earth Menu at Olive Delhi by Chef Sujan S

It was love at first sight with Olive Qutub. The courtyard is one of its kind in Delhi-NCR. The entire place has an aura that just uplifts your mood. It was summer time, when I made my first visit, yet it was so comfortable in the courtyard, I made a promise to myself to visit the place in winters.

A part of the Olive group by Mr. A D Singh, Olive Qutub’s food menu is curated by the artist Chef Sujan Sarkar. There is a reason I call him an artist and you will come to believe it looking at the pictures I post here. With the season, there is an abundance of seasonal produce and Chef de cuisine Sujan Sarkar has very beautifully used those evanescent flavors in #TheEarthMenu at Olive.

A seven course menu, which is curated keeping in mind the fresh seasonal produce – the gift of mother Earth – takes you through a culinary journey of the fresh ingredients sourced from all over the country – the best the kitchens of Olive have to offer – in small yet satiating portions – this is one experience you wouldn’t want to miss.

The amuse bouche sets the stage for the journey – a trailer of what’s to come. Watermelon jelly, fermented gooseberry; Parsnip crisp, goat cheese, semi dried tomato; Chicken liver parfait, poached cherry made their appearance. The first thing that hits you is the presentation – so beautiful are the dishes, that we actually spent some time speculating if we should start eating! Once we took the plunge, it was awesomeness all around.

watermelon jelly with a fermented gooseberry

parsnip crisp topped with goat cheese & sun dried tomatoes

chicken liver parfait with a poached cherry

Next up was consomme – both veg. and non-veg. – clear soups (clear roasted chicken & clear mushroom), mildly flavored, served with respective tortellini, seasonal mushroom and kale. You will be amazed at what flavors this simple dish packs.

non-veg. consomme

The next two courses give you salads and appetizers – andaman tuna tartare, heart of palm, tenderloin pastrami, white and green asparagus and egg. The dishes are a wonderful concoction of all textures you can ask for in a dish and the medley of flavors.

heart of palm

andaman tuna tartare

white and green asparagus with egg

tenderloin pastrami

palate cleanser – pomelo sorbet

We got to taste Chilean Sea Bass, Belgian Pork Belly, New Zealand Lamb Loin for non-vegetarian fare of the main course and Roasted Baby Pumpkin, Zucchini & Potato Terrine for the vegetarian fare. Everything was thoroughly enjoyed – the best being New Zealand Lamb Loin – a braised lamb breast – medium cooked, with all those juice flowing out & the Roasted Baby Pumpkin – served with barsley rissotto and parmesan mousse – the balance of the dish amazed me.

belgian pork belly

new zealand lamb loin

chilean sea bass

roasted baby pumpkin

zucchini & potato terrine

Dessert course had Broken Lemon Meringue Tart and Valrhona Chocolate being served.The lemon curd espuma (foam) & lemon and passion fruit sorbet add full flavors to the dish and meringue gives the texture. Valrhona Chocolate is again a dish which is full in all aspects of flavor and texture – the mousse is perfect and the mandarin sorbet is oh-so-amazing!

broken lemon meringue tart

valrhona chocolate

The experience is priced at 2500++ (veg.) and 2900++ (non-veg.) and for dinners only.

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