‘Golden Turmeric Shots’ with LaVeda, Organic Cow Milk

‘Golden Turmeric Shots’ with LaVeda, Organic Cow Milk

Ever since we are born, milk is one thing which is time and again told to be included in our daily diet. Milk is an ideal source of nutrients and the health benefits of milk are in-numerous. Milk provides a rich source of calcium, which helps in increased bone strength, hordes of other vitamins like D, A, B12 that help to maintain a better body immunity system.

Keeping the age old concept and heritage in mind, the brains behind LaVeda Milk, have come out with the purest organic form of cow’s milk, delivered right at your doorstep. The name ‘LaVeda’ has been derived from theory of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – a Sanskrit phrase found in Hindu texts such as the Maha Upanishad, which means “the world is one family”.

hungrynomads laveda organic cow milk ghee

‘La’ comes from many languages – Spanish, French etc. – and ‘Veda’ is where we came from. The external and the internal. LaVeda recognizes and pays tribute to our heritage, the world around us, and the highest ideals one can adhere to.

I definitely have to mention that I love drinking milk on a daily basis and similarly, I am quite picky with the milk. A little bit of smell from the milk puts me off, so I must mention that LaVeda milk was one of the best milk I have ever tried and even after I kept it stored for 2 days, there was no unpleasant odour from it.
The team of LaVeda had sent me some samples of milk. I came up with an interesting recipe (please see below), which was not only quick to make, but also healthy and delicious in the taste. I also made kheer, the recipe for which I will post in sometime.

hungrynomads laveda organic cow milk ghee

The 500 ml packets of LaVeda milk are priced nominally at icon-rupee30 and are delivered right to your doorstep. Subscribe at their site or call them at their customer care (details at the end of this post) for more details. Looking for day’s getaway – head out to their farm in Rajasthan, a couple of hours away from Delhi and see how it is all done!

Golden Turmeric Shots


1 cup LaVeda milk – boiled and then cooled
2-3 teaspoons ground turmeric
2-3 teaspoon natural honey
Pinch of ground cinnamon, adjust to taste
Pinch of salt, adjust to taste
1 teaspoon freshly ground white pepper


Using a blender, combine all ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth. Chill and serve in shot glasses and enjoy the healthiness. Garnish with additional dashes of cinnamon & turmeric.

hungrynomads laveda organic cow milk ghee

LaVeda – Cow Milk & Ghee
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