GoldFogg Beverages – RappaRapEnergy

GoldFogg Beverages – RappaRapEnergy

#RappaRapEnergy is the claim of Gold Fogg, the new line of beverages in town, but do they deliver?

Launched in February 2016, Gold Fogg is a range of functional drinks, marketed and promoted by a Bangalore based firm, R Z International. This new company is trying out new flavor combinations in their ready-to-serve beverages.

As of now, the company has introduced 4 beverages which have been designed to match the taste and style of an Indian consumer.


1. Flagship brand of the company is GoldFogg Energy Drink. This non-alcoholic, gold colored energy drink is very zesty. It is specially developed by using innovative scientific techniques from Poland. It is surely going to be a hit among those who drink energy drinks regularly and also among those who need just a little bit extra “oomph” to go through the day. Gold Fogg is a semi carbonated health drink and also has vitamins in it to provide quick energy for people on-the-go.


2. Mish Mash is a flavoured fruit drink. Could definitely taste the apples in each sip. It is a fine blend of apple and fizz. Liked the taste.


3. Minty Masty has a traditional desi touch to it. This drink has a unique blend of kiwi, mint, apple, grapes and lime. This drink compliments well to Indian food due to minty aftertaste.


4. Fruit Kiss is a very refreshing Squash. This contains real fruit juice and natural fruit emulsions. This is made from mixed fruits like apple, strawberry, mango, peach, guava, grape and passion fruit. Can definitely taste the fruit punch. MUST TRY!


We have tried other energy drinks in the market but this line of products are definitely more interesting and impressive than others.

So the answer to the question at the start of the review is:

Yes, they do! These products do give #RappaRapEnergy. So give it a try and feel the difference.

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