Google Pixel – The new “KING” of PHONES is here!! Is it worth the hype?

Google Pixel – The new “KING” of PHONES is here!! Is it worth the hype?

Here’s 8 reasons why it SO is!

1. First of all, it’s GOOGLE, the mother-ship of ANDROID OS, for heaven’s sake.
Having a Google phone is like being a part of the Royal Family where you will be served the freshest, juiciest and delicious “androidiness” bits first, way ahead of the other peasants (read:other android phones). When you buy a Google phone, you are already in line to receive the next 2 Android updates first so you are FUTUREPROOF against OS stagnation.

2. The phone is loaded with Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 quad-core, Adreno 530 GPU with a 4 GB RAM. This coupled with the new Android 7.1 Nougat makes the phone silky smooth. Something about Google phones, it doesn’t just work, it simply glides. There is no lag even after playing heavy games like Asphalt and opening multiple apps at one go. Works like a charm every time.

3. The design, which although I personally like, could have been better. Look wise, the glass panel on the back of the phone differentiates the phone from others but it gets scratched up pretty easily. This should not matter much since no one uses a high end phone without a back cover anyways. The phone is slightly heavier (143 g as compared to iPhone 7 138g) than it’s competitors but I like it that way. It’s more than half a lakh so it better make it’s presence felt in my pocket ;). The size (5.0 inches) is just perfect for small hands. Overall, I like the design and the premium metal unibody feel of the Pixel.

4. The battery (2,770 mAh) life is good. I cruise through a day easily with one full charge with medium level of usage (1 hr of game, 1-2 hours of music, continuous browsing of internet, few calls, documents, apps etc). With so many good power banks in the market, I have never felt let down by lack of removable battery option, neither in this phone nor in my old Google Nexus 5. I like the inclusion of “Quick Charge” feature (not exclusive to Pixel though) which basically means with a 15 minutes charge, the battery gets charged upto 15 – 20% which allows me to add 3-5 hours battery life (based on usage) contrary to Google’s claim of upto 7 hours.


5. Now let’s talk about the elephant in the room i.e lack of expandable memory slot and the price. Now Now! Yes, this still hurts, however to compensate, Google has given FREE unlimited storage access on the cloud for full resolution photos and even for the heavy 4K videos. You can free up space from your phone and always access from the cloud. Price wise, I agree no phone (Android or iOS) should be more than INR 40000 basis the lack of any ground breaking features. Bring in 3D hologram calling, projector, boombox sound system and other innovative features – all in one and then charge for icon-rupee50000 or more. Pixel is available for icon-rupee57000 (32 GB) and icon-rupee66000 (128 GB). But I bought mine at icon-rupee50000 (icon-rupee7000 cashback on HDFC Credit Card + icon-rupee1000 worth 32 GB Pendrive.)

6. Now that the elephant is out of the way, let’s talk about the sly FOX: The new shiny camera (something the Google phones always failed to impress with). OMG! The 12.3MP, large 1.55μm pixels with f/2.0 aperture rear camera is FANTASTIC! I’m in love with the camera. The clarity and the laser detection auto focus is simply amazing. It is not being called as the highest rated smartphone camera just like that .DXOMark has given the rear camera a score of 89, which is the highest it has ever given to a smartphone. Low light photos are also good. HDR+ was good in Nexus 5 but this is a whole different ball game altogether. The front 8 MP camera is very powerful as well. A front flash could have been added. The 4K video shooting is very smooth since it uses the in-built video stabilization.

#LensBlur #NoFilters


#Nofilters #QuickFocus

7. Google Assistant (GA) is to Google what Siri is to Apple“An intelligent virtual assistant which understands your world and helps you get things done”. Even though Google Assistant is available in the Allo App, the full Google Assistant experience is deeply integrated only in the Pixel devices (exclusively).There is a feature where you are on a particular screen/page and when you open GA, it auto-searches for the relevant content on that screen and provides more information on that content. Love that experience. But apart from that, I don’t think people will be talking to a phone at work/home but would prefer clicking on the app/button to get the work done. Unless you want people to think you are crazy and the HR to appear on your desk recommending psychological help.

8. Additional cool features:

Pixel Imprint (a fancy name for the fingerprint scanner) is efficient. I like the fact that it is placed at the back. The front screen looks cleaner without any buttons.
Pixel Launcher: At first the small, round icons seemed strange to my eyes but now after using this phone for nearly 3 weeks, my old Nexus 5 icons look big and weird. BTW I’m extremely pissed that this launcher was released on Google Play, now any android phone users can use this launcher…..mind it, these are the same disbelievers who at first hated the small icons and criticized the Pixel…not bloody FAIR. Should have been a Pixel exclusive.
• The Phone “Support” feature which allows the user to connect directly with the Google support team . There is screen share feature as well which would help during troubleshooting.
Split Screen feature is also available where you can work on 2 screens at one go.
• Pixel is highly compatible with the new Daydream VR platform. Haven’t got a chance to use this, so no comments.

If the above reasons are strong enough to persuade you to grab the tad expensive Google Pixel, then go for it, you will not be let down. It is a beautiful phone – inside out.
If you are not convinced, then wait for sometime, there are always more fish in the sea! With Christmas round the corner, better deals might be on the way.

The box contents are:

o Pixel Phone
o Quick start guide
o USB Type-C 18W charger
o USB Type-A to USB Type-C cable
o USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable
o A decent pair of in-ear earphones with microphone
o SIM ejector pin
o OTG adapter for USB Type-C


For more details on the tech specifications, logon to

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    Dear Soumya.
    That’s a very comprehensive description. Any one would be prompted to possess it especially since you have used it.

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