Mystery Rooms – Real Life Escape Games

Mystery Rooms – Real Life Escape Games

Bring out your Sherlock Holmes and use your skills to save lives by finding and diffusing a bomb. Prove your innocence by using your skills to get out of the jail for a wrong conviction. Show you are ‘Bond’ – get free from the terrorists who have kidnapped you and foil a blackmail of the President. Become a detective and figure out the reason for the mysterious killings in the village.

These are just a few things that you can do when you are at Mystery Rooms, a real life escape gaming venture across NCR. Break away from the obvious and spend time with family or friends, or organize a team building activity here and you will love every moment of it.


Once you decide on a mission you will get locked in a room – use your detective skills, that you have developed reading Feluda, Sherlock Holmes and watching detective operas. Search for clues, solve puzzles, work on clues to get more clues, put pieces together, deduce and find a way out.

We tried to find and diffuse a bomb in the ‘The Hurt Locker’ within the given time of 1 hour. The experience reminded us of our childhood as we were reminded the importance of time and team coordination. 20 minutes passed by, and we were nowhere – when we saw light and started finding clues! We were on our toes the entire time. Time just flew by – griping us with the fear if the unkown. The game designers have taken all pains to make things as realistic as possible and at any given point, you don’t feel things become even a little fake.


A quick brief of how to play the game and a not-to-do list, the adventure begins Be patient ()well, not too much) and hold your nerve. Be observant of your surroundings and everything that happens in the room. Everything is there for a reason. Maintain co-ordination in the group and you will see the light at the end.

To make the experience realistic, there are theatrics as well – we couldn’t complete our mission the bomb exploded – the room filled with smoke and the speakers did there best to make the noise.

The games are as popular with the kids and teens as with adults. We saw some families spending a good time together and enjoying every moment of it. We got to know that there is a great demand from corporate world for team building activities.

The experience cost varies with the games and the number of people. Advance booking is recommended. Walk-ins are accommodated based on availability, but it is a good idea to check with them before going.

They have facilities at Rajouri Garden and Gurgaon (DLF Phase 2). All details about prices, bookings and the games are available on their site

P.S. – Parking can be an issue since this is located in a residential area. We didn’t have any trouble locating the area.

2 thoughts on “Mystery Rooms – Real Life Escape Games

  1. Manna Sachdeva

    It was very gud . I first thought it would be boring but no I was fantastic. I played Abduction. It was very good.

    Never close this game😉

    1. dasguptaabhik Post author

      Hi Manna,

      We agree, the games are very interesting and addictive. We want to try all the games soon 🙂


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