Product Review – Four Fountains Labs’ 6X Green Tea

Product Review – Four Fountains Labs’ 6X Green Tea

It was not love at first sight with green tea. Many of my friends were going gaga over the health benefits it offers, weighing over the taste, but I could never make peace with it. Then a trip to Kerala happened and I got to know about other ways to have green tea, topped with more experiments at home – I was in love.

Four Fountains Labs (founded by Four Fountains de-stress Spa team) has introduced 6X Green Tea, which is claimed have a 6 times high antioxidants than a normal green tea – which translates to a single cup of 6X Green Tea as opposed to multiple cups of normal Green tea.

A sample for review was sent and here are our views on 6X Green Tea

     icon-check-circle The first thing that goes in favor of 6X Green Tea is the ease of making it. There are no tea leaves, just Green Tea extracts – mix it with a cup of hot water and your tea is ready.

     icon-check-circle It is not bitter, there is sucrose added to give it a tinge of sweetness, which helps for people getting to know green tea.

     icon-check-circle There are added flavors (natural identical flavoring substances, as mentioned in the packet) – lemon, which again helps people who are still to get in love with green tea.

     icon-check-circle And then, there are all the benefits of green tea – detoxification, weight loss, health improvement, reducing the risk of cancer etc.


The product, for now, is only available at Four Fountains site, with plans to launch it soon at Amazon and Godrej Nature’s Basket. A packet of 30 sachets (a month’s supply) is available for icon-rupee695

You can be connected to Four Fountains Labs and be the first to know about the amazing health products at facebook and twitter.

P.S. Not sure if it’s the tea, but I am not sleepy like everyday yet after my lunch of rajma-chawal. Has to be the 6X Green Tea, there is nothing else that changed!

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