Movie Review: Abbas Zafar’s Sultan

Movie Review: Abbas Zafar’s Sultan

Directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, Sultan will be counted among one of the better movies of Salman Khan (Read: Salu Bhai). If you read the above line carefully, you might understand the standard within which I am limiting my review to.
Yes, I am not ashamed to say that I enjoyed the movie despite all its silliness and absurdness that can come from only from a Salu Bhai movie. It’s a Salman Khan phenomenon when the movie hall comes alive, at 9 am in the morning, with all the old fashioned bells and whistles. His personality is such that you just can’t stop smiling at his man-child mannerisms.

And No, I cannot conclude without giving my 2 cents on the actual review. Movie was long (2 hrs and 50 mins), should have been limited to 2 hrs 15 mins and predictable (Did anyone even assume for a moment that Salman Khan was going to lose the end fight bout despite being physically battered? ). Anushka Sharma has acted well (For some reason, it seems post her “enhancement”, her facial expressions have significantly reduced. Loved her performance in Band Baaja Baaraat). Randeep Hooda’s cameo was too short to comment on. Don’t remember anything significant apart from him eating fruits (and spitting seeds) or consuming insane amount of Firni (sweet) with his fingers despite having a perfectly usable spoon (Don’t understand why this absolutely unnecessary scene has stuck with me). Amit Sadh’s performance was forgettable not because of his acting prowess but owing to his character’s screen time. Anant Sharma as Salu Bhai’s best friend was a delight to watch. I must congratulate Salu Bhai on his performance as well. It is a much improved, evolved and mature act. He is extremely believable as a wrestler but as a wrestler who wins State and National championship after a few weeks of practice, hmmm… not so much. BUT! It’s a Salman Khan movie, so this movie anyways won’t be competing for “Original Screenplay and story”. The fact that this movie HAS a story makes it worthwhile to watch.

Rating: I don’t rate Salman Khan Movies. 🙂

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