Saturday night mania!!

Saturday night mania!!

Weekends are supposed to be fun! Saturday is the best – you are free to get up late and sleep late since it’s Sunday next. Our weekends are generally spent eating good food – either cooking it at home or exploring a new restaurant in town (or sometimes, in the neighboring towns as well ;), yeah yeah, we have traveled over 100 KM just to try out some dhaba!).

This time the plan was to inaugurate the OTG our friends purchased. Though the plan was for Tandoori Chicken only, there are no bounds when 4 foodies meet! We ended up making a cake, donuts, Tandoori Chicken, rice and egg curry! To top it up, onions with a spicy (too ;)) dhania chatni.

The donuts were a first try and they turned out awesome! We couldn’t find the perfect ingredients for the toppings so did a makeshift arrangement using cocoa powder, sugar and butter and some sprinklers. This is what turned up (pretty gud, huh!)…

IMG_4327 IMG_4330 IMG_4333 IMG_4337 IMG_4343 IMG_4346 IMG_4351

Then came the star of the night – Tandoori Chicken – the first try at home again! This turned out quite good, the spices were just right and it cooked good. The quantity (hard time finishing it !!) made me wonder, do we even get a full chicken in full plate chicken tandoori?

IMG_4363 IMG_4364 IMG_4355 IMG_4356


For main course, we squared off a spicy egg curry & rice in no time. Here are the pics 😀

IMG_4371 IMG_4372 IMG_4373 IMG_4370

Weekend well spent 🙂

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