The Dewarists – Season 5  – Live True

The Dewarists – Season 5 – Live True

What happens when compelling artists from entirely different musical set together on a journey collaborating while they travel? The Dewarists is a television series that brings together artists from around the world – presented as a music documentary & travelogue – with just one aim in mind – creating original music.

Season 1 happened in 2011 and there has been no looking back. The first episode of Season 5 brings ace artists Benny Dayal and Naezy together to showcase their LIVE TRUE voyage – they talk about their past – experiences and challenges which made them who they are.

Benny Dayal – the voice behind Bollywood’s best chart-busters has created his spot in the industry. With a passion that is deeply rooted, he is recognized for his Dewarist spirit.

Naezy is a true Dewarist LIVING TRUE is what he does. Early life battle, tough childhood, rough neighborhood – nothing could stop him and he made his way to being a well known rapper.

A peek into their journey to create original music while they travel through picturesque locations, have a look at the The Dewarists – Episode 1. The music will be released on

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    Welcome to Amor Villa , Unawatuna, Sri Lanka !!!!!

    I am Damith Ratnayake, the Sales & Marketing Manager at the Villa. We are happy to welcome “Dewarists” group @ our Villa. Have gone through some of the episodes and those were really interesting. “Manala” is a very nice place and you all have done it nicely. Appreciated the great job.

    During the stay @ Amor Villa I have found a slot to talk with some of your members and when the time concern it was very difficult as guys were very busy. However I have learned something from you’ll.

    Not forgetting while you guys were interviewing an artist I have been doing my official duty sitting behind the computer in my office next to the open area where the interview was taking place and one of the guys walked in to the office and requested from me whether I could stop typing as this has been disturbing for the program. 100% I have agreed and stopped as was aware how impotent is this valuable program.

    Wish you guys “Have a nice stay”

    If possible need to have your comments of your stay @ Amor Villa.

    So, guys I wish you all the best and good luck in future.

    Damith Ratnayake.

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